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Worn or Short Teeth

Older Appearing Smile


Worn and short teeth are whitened and made longer in these smile makeovers with cosmetic dentistry.   The result is a beautiful, more youthful smile.






Sharon had badly worn teeth and didn't like the color or the spaces.  Her smile gave her an older appearance.  She wanted a total makeover and now she looks years younger.   See her before and after portrait photographs and notice the difference in our portrait gallery.


Steve had worn his teeth down dramatically.  They had become flat across the front resembling a denture.  We opened his bite to give him room for a young smile where the upper front teeth follow the lower lip line.



Millis said his grandchildren thought he was always mad since his smile left something to be desired.  His wife and grandchildren are happy now.




Scott felt his smile was looking dark and his teeth were worn and chipped.  He wanted a brighter, more dynamic smile.



worn, chipped teeth more ideal teeth and smile

 Humberto's smile was uneven with lots of wear, chips and spaces.  He looks 10 years younger with his new veneers.



Lynn wanted a younger, more vibrant smile to help her in her business.  She told us exactly how she wanted to look and got the result she was pleased with.



Ryon had severely worn teeth.  They would barely show when he smiled.  He wanted longer, whiter teeth that all matched.  He had a great time at our post treatment photo shoot in the portrait studio and looks much younger with his new veneers.  He even shaved his moustache so nothing would hide his smile.



short teeth kathy with her younger smile younger looking smile

Kathy couldn't show her teeth when she smiled.  She knew it made her look older.  With dental veneers, her smile is much improved and brings back her youthful appearance.


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