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Spaces Between Teeth Closed

Photographs Of Correction of Gaps Between Teeth


Spaces between the teeth can be closed with veneers.  Also spaces at the gum line can be closed to create an attractive smile.





karen after smile makeover



Karen loved her beautiful smile after her makeover and wrote us a very nice thank you letter:  "Getting my smile makeover has really made a difference in the way I feel about myself.  I have gotten so many enthusiastic responses.  The best one came from a friend I have known for over 20 years.  She said she had NEVER seen me look better and my smile was fabulous.  People have told me I look younger too.  My self esteem is at an all time high and I just can't thank you enough.  You have a wonderful office staff who are very supportive and the overall experience has been fantastic." 



spaces between teeth

karen after veneers

beautiful straight teeth & smile

This Karen waited 3 years after first coming to the office to have her smile makeover even though she was embarrassed by the spaces and dark front tooth.  She was so happy after it was done she wrote the nicest thank you note and mentioned she was sorry she waited.  



Julie was moving out of town and wanted to make a good impression when she arrived at her new home.  She wanted bleach shade white veneers.  She left with the big smile you see here.


Jude decided it was time to do something about his smile.  He wanted the space closed and whiter teeth, but still looking like his teeth.  We were able to remove all the wear and chipped areas and create a softened look and a pleasing, natural smile with veneers.



ann after porcelain veneers

Ann is very intelligent and was going to college at an early age.  She wanted to upgrade her image.  She mentioned she gets lots of compliments on her smile from her new friends at school.  They never realized her smile had been less than perfect.       



teeth before cosmetics smile picture after cosmetic dentistry teeth after cosmetic treatment

Susan had a good bite but her teeth were discolored and had numerous spaces.  She decided it was time for a change.  The cosmetic dentistry changed her entire outlook on life.

More spaces between teeth  


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