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Cosmetic Dentistry Process

Steps in having cosmetic dentistry


What is the smile makeover process?  It is a series of steps to ensure that you get just what you want when you improve your smile.  Adult cosmetic dentistry can create a beautiful, new smile with veneers in just weeks.


First we have an Initial Consultation with you to discuss what you would like to accomplish.  There is no charge for this visit and it allows you to get to know us and see the office.  We will look at your teeth and your smile and discuss your individual case with you extensively.  Sometimes we take photos of you teeth and put them on the computer monitor to discuss with you.  You will have an opportunity to have all your questions answered and we can give you an estimate of the fee for whatever services you would like.


Next comes the Exam and Records appointment where we do a detailed examination of your teeth and gums.  We take extensive images of your teeth, the bite, and the form of the dental arches.  We also take x-rays and impressions of your teeth at this time.  These procedures will help the doctor be certain about how best to treat your case. 

X-Rays Impression Photos


The last step prior to treatment is the Report of Findings appointment.  This is where you and the doctor make decisions regarding your treatment plan.  You will see your photos and your dental models.  Often at this appointment we will show you a modified model of your teeth as they would look with the ideal smile.  To ensure you get the result you want, we can change the idealized model to suit you. 


model before cosmetic dentistry 

Original model of teeth

cosmetic dentistry image of model showing improvement 

Modified model of teeth showing improvement




view of model enhancement with cosmetic dentistry

Original upper model on right, improved model on left

model improved with cosmetic dentistry

Original lower model on left; improved model on right


When you are delighted with the proposed idealized model, we can start treatment.  After preparing the teeth for veneers or porcelain crowns, we place beautiful acrylic temporaries that are duplicates of the idealized model.  This is the "trial smile" which lets you "drive them around the block" to be sure they are exactly what you want.  Of course, you get to choose the color for your trial smile. Changes can be made on the temporaries until you are sure the smile is right for you. 


before cosmetic dentistry

Old dentistry on 10 teeth

photo of temporary cosmetic crowns and veneers

Temporary veneers on 10 teeth

great smile after cosmetic dentistry

Permanent veneers on these teeth


Once you are happy with the temporaries, we make an impression of them and duplicate the size, shape, inclination, etc. in the porcelain in our own laboratory.  The color of the porcelain can be the same as the temporaries or not depending on how you liked the color of your "trial smile."  With the porcelain you can decide many things: how white or how natural, how translucent or opaque, how smooth or how textured the surface, etc.  You can also leave these decisions up to the doctor, who will almost certainly know your wishes by now.

Patients usually spend a week or two evaluating the temporaries and any changes they have us make.  After we receive the go ahead, it takes approximately three weeks to get the porcelain made.  Since the doctor himself makes the permanent restorations, this time may vary slightly.

We want our patients to be thrilled with their smile makeovers.  These are the steps we go through to make sure you are.

Some of the appointments can be combined for you if you wish.


sensational smiles

This couple is very happy they went through the process to improve their smiles.


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