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 How People Feel After Having Cosmetic Dentistry

Reviews from people who have had cosmetic dentistry done


  Melissa after makeover I had always been self conscious of my teeth and made an effort not to show them.  I felt as though I could never fully express the joy that was within me because of my imperfect smile.  Initially, I was hesitant to go to a dental visit because of hurtful dental experiences in the past.     You have allowed me to smile freely and unconsciously.  I enjoy showing off my Windex smile. Melisa S.



Glen [my son] was here in Anchorage for a few days this March.  The change in him was dramatic.  He has always had a way about him that draws people to him.  Having his teeth fixed so beautifully has given him more confidence.  It was wonderful to see him smile broadly instead of smiling behind closed lips.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart!  You can't know how much it means to me to see him comfortable and relaxed, not to mention so doggone handsome.  Lorna M.


Tracie after

I have so much more confidence.  I've lost 20 pounds and I can walk up to anyone and talk without feeling self conscious.  Traci S.



I love them; they feel wonderful.  I am getting so many compliments on my beautiful smile -- for the first time in my life. Diana R.


"Thank you for giving me the beautiful smile I've always wanted but thought was unobtainable.  I used to be self-conscious about my crooked teeth, but with my new veneers I have the confidence of ten people and take every opportunity to smile and show them off!  Before now, people frequently told me I had beautiful eyes, but I don't ever recall being complimented about my smile.  Now, people remark about my smile all the time - even people I've met for the first time or in passing.      What's more incredible, though, is that I started receiving compliments as soon as you set me up with my temporary veneers.  Before taking the plunge, I was very concerned about how the temporary veneers would look and whether people would be able to tell they were not my real teeth.  Much to my relief and delight, even the dentist I began dating while I had my temporary veneers couldn't tell the difference.  My smile was the first thing he complimented me about.   I can't thank you enough."   Susan N.   Susan's comments on cosmetic dentistry


I used to hide my smile, now I smile all the time.  Barbara B.


Thank you so much for my new smile.  Your office and staff, especially Beni and Kelli are extremely professional and personable.  I appreciated the way you involved me in the process.  I get so many compliments, but the biggest on of all, is the one I give to myself when I look in the mirror.  Keep up the good work and I'll keep smiling. 
Lisa G.


Before visiting Dr. Carlson and his staff, I was very cynical of having dental work.  I was also very unhappy with my smile.  My teeth were not as white as I would have liked and my bonding was chipped and stained.  I used to never smile.  Dr. Carlson and his staff eased all of my fears about dental work and improved my smile to the point that I never stop smiling.  I constantly receive compliments and my self-confidence is greatly improved. Pam S.


I was very self-conscious.  Now with my new Dr. Carlson smile, I feel like a movie star.  I love smiling and have received compliments (as opposed to awkward stares at my teeth that made me feel self-conscious).  Michelle B.



I had been embarrassed by my teeth for several years.  When I asked Dr. Carlson if he would do veneers for me, he said, sure, and I've been happy ever since.  I love showing my before and after pictures to everyone.  Dr. Carlson has helped so many people feel better about themselves with his beautiful work and I am one of them.  Nancy P.


written note on veneers                   


I feel twenty years younger with my new smile. It did more for me than a facelift.      Pat H.



  I am so happy with my new look brought about by Dr. Carlson and his wonderful staff.  A woman stopped me in a restaurant and said she just had to tell me what a beautiful smile I have even my son-in-law calls me Good Looking now.  Betty S. betty after makeover

I'm so happy with my new smile I wish I had done it years ago.  If someone offered me $10,000 to go back to the smile I had before, I wouldn't take it.  It's worth twice what I paid for it.  Diana R.


J. B. I love my new smile & so does my family.  People I haven't seen in a while think I've lost weight or something else different that makes me look younger.  They think I am glowing.  I think I am too.  Thank you for a job well done.  I also love the photos.  Can't wait to get my bridal photos taken June 22.  Thanks from a grateful patient. 


My mother loves my smile now and she's always been my biggest critic. Beth T.


Twenty years ago, I went to a cosmetic dentist to inquire about covering my tetracycline stains.  I was told that the stains could be improved, but not totally covered.  I have been waiting for years for the techniques to be developed that could totally correct this problem.  Dr. Carlson did an excellent job covering the dark gray tetracycline stains and giving me the shape and color of teeth that I wanted.  His office staff was amazing; very professional and knowledgeable.  Robin robin after smile improvement with veneers  


One of my lifetime goals was to have my lower teeth straightened.  The excitement that I felt when I saw my new teeth was unbelievable.  I remember telling my co-workers that I was absolutely thrilled! Now, thanks to Dr. Carlson and his top quality work, I have a smile I can be very proud of.     B. M.



Rosalie was kind enough to send us this card.

Donna I love my teeth!  They are so pretty & white.  I have gotten so many compliments.  Even though I had to drive from Fredericksburg, it was definitely worth it.  Your staff is also incredible!  Everyone is so professional & made me feel so comfortable.  I feel like they are my friends!  Donna  


 I received the most outstanding service from everyone at the office.  I absolutely love my smile and Dr. Carlson.  Sherry McK

Everything went just as promised and everybody was extremely caring and supportive.  As usual, I wasted a lot of worry over nothing.  Thanks for making the experience so enjoyable.  I love my new smile and cannot wait to get finished.  Thak you seems so inadequate.  You have exceeded all my expectations.     RdMc 



Lisa writes,

I would like to thank you and Beni so much for my new smile! I have been
wanting to get white teeth for a very long time. Now it is all done. My
husband is very impressed with the result.

Thank you for the patience walking me through every step of the way. You,
Beni, and Mary Jo have all been very professional and helpful.

The teeth feel and look so natural. They have certainly improved my smile.
Now I have to remember to smile more!

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