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  Replacing Old Dentistry for a Natural Smile

Create the natural smile


great after smile

Janice was not pleased with the unnatural appearance of her previous porcelain over metal crowns.  She wanted a beautiful, natural smile and she had her 10 front teeth done.  She is very confident with the all porcelain makeover.



old dentistry - san antonio

great smile after

Janet had new all bonded porcelain crowns placed on her upper teeth.  The before and after photographs of the porcelain crowns show the beautiful result that can be achieved.  The natural appearance of these crowns is very difficult with the old technology where there is often an unnatural darkness at the gum line.



Steve had old bonding that had turned  yellow.  His grandkids asked him why his teeth were so yellow and he made an appointment with us right away.  He had uneven lower teeth that showed when he talked and old, silver fillings in most of his back teeth.  He wanted a whiter, more youthful smile and straight even lower teeth as well as the silver replaced.  He had numerous veneers and some porcelain crowns to achieve this winning smile.



Susan is a military wife who had endured the appearance of her teeth all her life.  Like most housewives, she wanted to take care of the family first.  When it was finally "her time" the dazzling new smile gave her confidence a huge boost.  She says that the difference in her smile is amazing to her and to her family and friends. 



worn out bonding and an old bridge Great smile with all porcelain bridge and veneers

David is a teacher and wanted to be more confident and have a natural, attractive smile.  He wanted a younger look and whiter teeth.  His old bonding and bridge were replaced with porcelain restorations.



porcelain to metal crowns on front teeth

Hilary wanted to update to the new bonded porcelain technology to have a great smile.  Now she routinely gets compliments on her beautiful, metal-free smile.



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