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 Discolored and Yellow Teeth

Imperfect Teeth Corrected with Porcelain Veneers


Before and after photographs of discolored teeth made white, even tetracycline stained teeth!

Now you can have beautiful teeth and smile without being self-conscious.



discolored smile before veneers


rodger full face after smile enhancement

rodger smile after smile makeover


Rodger is a successful businessman and wanted to have a smile that would represent him properly.  He wanted to replace the crooked, discolored teeth he had had all his life with straight, white teeth that he would be proud of.






Debra had a variety of problems including discolorations and missing teeth.  She asked to have everything corrected with bleach shade porcelain.  The front teeth were done with veneers or all porcelain crowns.  The missing teeth on the sides were replaced with all porcelain bridges.




discolored teeth



Shelly had tetracycline stained teeth caused by taking that antibiotic as a child.  The discolored teeth really bothered her.  She disliked the space between the teeth and the square shape of the front teeth.  She wanted whiter, longer teeth that were younger looking.




less than cosmetic tetracycline teeth


Bev after smile makeover 

veneers to improve tetracycline teeth, smile 


Bev decided to upgrade her smile and improve on the tetracycline discoloration that had been a lifelong problem for her.  She wanted whiter longer teeth with no space between them where her gum had receded.



tetracycline stained teeth

porcelain veneer smile makeover




Julie called from California and said she had found us on the web and wanted us to do her makeover.  Her teeth had been discolored by tetracycline taken as a child.  She flew into San Antonio and had her temporaries placed then went home.  She evaluated the temporaries for a few weeks and then told us what changes she wanted.  She flew back to have the porcelain bonded.




discolored teeth, old caps

smile makeover with porcelain

Colleen had always been unhappy and self conscious about her smile.  She came all the way from Nigeria where her husband works for an oil company.  She wanted all the teeth to be perfect and be as white as possible.  We tried a very light bleach shade for her temporaries.  She loved the color so we made the porcelain the same shade.   We did her makeover quickly so she could return to her spouse with her new smile and her new confidence.




teeth discolored by tetracycline

ciscolored smile corrected

Lisa is a dental professional who had been waiting for technology to advance before she improved her smile by placing veneers to mask the tetracycline staining of her enamel. 




Sharon had waited years to have a beautiful smile.  Her old fillings had discolored and age had darkened her enamel.  As soon as she got her temporaries her mother came in and also had a smile makeover.  It now runs in the family.



  Additional  Discolored or Yellow Teeth


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