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Crooked Teeth Corrected with Veneers


Crooked teeth can be corrected with porcelain veneers


crooked teeth porcelain veneers straighten and whiten the teeth

Roger is a handsome guy who was always embarrassed about his smile.  We had to force the "before" smile out of him for his before photograph, but he was happy to give us an "after" smile when we completed his porcelain veneer makeover.



crooked, yellow teeth

Vicki had very pointed cuspids that looked like fangs.  She also had old, discolored fillings in her front teeth and said they were unattractive and uneven.  Porcelain veneers have given her a perfect smile...and now, she smiles a lot.  The before and after photos of the veneers show a happy patient with an ideal smile line.



jackie smile photo before porcelain veneers  jackie temporary veneers
Temporary veneers 
jackie smile photo after porcelain veneers 

Jackie had crooked and discolored teeth along with a number of old discolored fillings.  Her new porcelain veneers will never change color since porcelain is color stable.  The acrylic temporaries acted as her "trial smile" and let her evaluate her new look.  Since she loved the temporaries, we duplicated the size/shape/color in porcelain.



san antonio - crooked, yellow teeth straight teeth - San Antonio

We did a smile makeover for Kim's husband.  She liked the way he looked so much that she had her smile done.  She had crooked teeth and tetracycline discoloration.  Porcelain veneers and one porcelain crown gave her the look she wanted.






Jeff is an Air Force pilot.  He was so pleased with his makeover that he said he wanted to go to dental school and learn to be a cosmetic dentist when he gets out of the service.



Michelle wanted a perfect smile for some time.  She was initially apprehensive, but thrilled with the result.  Unfortunately, the best before and after picture can't show the improvement in her self confidence.

Additional people with crooked smile correction 

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